Burst, your brand images’ savior in your social communication

There are many free of legal terms photos platforms on the internet. Many of them are highly qualified with high definition images.

The last one in date, Burst is especially dedicated to professionals of the web. The platform is lunched by Shopify master of e-commerce.  It is designed especially for businesses. In case of a simulation or a situational circumstances, Burst will provide you the modern and professional image you are looking for.


Pictures are categorized by collections and are CC0 licensed. You can use them any time you desire. You even can edit them and use them to any platform of your choice.

For now Burst propose over 1k picture and won’t be long to stock much more. Until then, let’s enjoy the uploaded images and use them for our businesses.

We can’t wait to see more from Burst and hear from them. We will be waiting for all of their eventual updates in the future.


“Short Edition” distributes short stories in public places !

Among all things I read on the internet, I have never seen something cutter and more fun than what you are about to witness. If I use this unformal vocabulary, that’s because I couldn’t possibly describe what “Short Edition” do in any accurate lexicon. I couldn’t describe it well, because they made of a forgotten or less common habit an avant –gardiste event!

Far from our connected social life, “Short Edition” suggest to its readers an unreplaceable experience. Short Edition publishes only short stories and distributes them in public places. Knowing that new generations consume an important amount of information during their days and are attracted by quick and short content, this was one of the motives to Short Edition to proceed in action, as far as short stories are pleasant and are appreciated by the audience. So all of this was behind the success and innovative format of this type of writing and storytelling.

short-edition- story- freelensdoblog-

Due to an interview with French pure player and blog “Presse-Citron”, the Communication and PR manager Caroline de Cuverville declares the following:

It all started with 4 entrepreneurs passionate with literature and technology at Grenoble. Now it is the community publisher of short stories with more than 200 K followers, 6.8K authors and 75K stories online.


The main goal of that platform was to save reading and make it accessible to everyone in a way compatible to our new life style especially with the presence of smartphones. In addition to that, Short Edition aim to highlight not only on short literature format but on new talents thanks to traditional paper or via digital ports such as desktops, laptops or even mobile as long as agglomerated community of readers and writers share comment and publish.

Short Edition has decided to transform the wasted times into reading time by broadcasting free of charge short literature on all broadcasting media. The platform wants to adapt literature to the modern world by combining the short format, the community and the technology. All literary works are unpublished and available online and most importantly need less than 20 minutes to be read.


The platform conceived a distributor with a connected terminal to the website in order to offer short stories of 1 to 5 minutes reading printed on papyrus. Since its success in 2015, millions of fans commented on social media and many articles were written and here’s another one! Till today more than 500k stories has been distributed via 110 terminal either in France or in the US and Australia in train stations, hospitals and malls.

And now thanks to the podcasts technic, Short Edition seeks differentiating the access to reading, and to literature through reading aloud by a professional actor.

With its business model, Short Edition invented the distributor technic in order to valorize the novels created and posted online.  The platform rent their machines to venues which like to intensify the relationship with their clients by giving them short stories to entertain them while waiting.

To conclude, it is true that the concept of free printed media is not new in France, especially in Paris. We have seen direct matin and A nous Paris or even Stylist carried in hands in public transports. What makes Short Edition unique is the idea of storytelling which is a very old habit that goes to the 18th century if you go back in time and check France’s media history. This is exactly what I call traditions with a twist of modern lifestyle.



Practical Technic to capture a video on an Android device.

You must have wasted so much time and memory space on your device by trying applications in order to capture a video. In fact, I must have the solution to your issue! Indeed, there is no secret recipe, the tool is in your hands and is very easy to use, but you’ve never noticed it before!

It is already pre-installed on your smartphones and if not, you can download it from your play store. You can’t wait to discover that app? Well before I stop teasing you, you must know that it’s a Google app. Did you recognize it? In case you did not, it’s Google Play Games!! Although the application is designed for gamers , it can capture videos outside the games.

Here are few easy steps to capture a video on an android device.

Step 1: start the application “Google Play Games”

Step 2: Choose a game that is already installed on your android device.

Step 3: An information page will appear, as well as a recording icon at the header of the page. Click on it.

Step 4: Choose a format.

Step 5: Start the game. This will make appear a tooltip video.

Step 6: Exist the game and go to the application where you’d like to capture the video.

Step 7: when all is set, you can click on the recording icon and tooltip in order to capture the video.


Now that you got this Technic in hand, try it and tell us if you recommend it or not. Your experience count the most. Until then, stay tuned for more article, tips and news.


Event in the city: Video City Paris 2017

If you’re around Paris this weekend, whatever your plans are, make sure to drop by an amazing event that is about to be the talk of the town.

“Video City Paris 2017 ”  is an event that bring together many YouTubers  you follow on your daily life. YouTubers are categories into 10 categories, especially humor, gaming, beauty, cooking, sports, education and chronic. Now that, you got the chance to meet them, here’s a sneak pick of  the program.

Video City Paris les 8 9 avril 2017 Paris Porte de Versailles


The event will take place  at “Parc des expositions de la porte de Versailles (1 place de la Porte de Versailles 75015 Paris, France) on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of April 2017.  Tickets are available and are at 23 Euros.

If you’d like to know more about this event do not hesitate to click on the link below or visit “Video City Paris 2017’s”Social Media

Video City Paris 2017’s Website




YouTube: Google confirms, unskippable 30 seconds adds will be scraped by 2018

According to the BBC report, Google will discard unskippable 30 seconds adds that play before your Video, by 2018. However, the skippable 5 seconds format will remain in order to deduct its impact on YouTube Red ( a selling point of which is ad-free).

freelensdotblog-logo-youtuberedGoogle’s spokesperson confirms that the engine is committed to  “provide a better ads experience for users online”. As part of that, Google has decided “to stop  supporting 30 seconds unskippable ads of 2018”.



According to a study done by Accenture in 2016, 80%  of the worldwide targeted audience that  responded to this survey, confirmed that while watching a video on YouTube, It got interrupted by a 30 an add.

Until 2018, users will constantly download add blockers to escape to the massive amount of adds on YouTube .





NatGeo maintains the founders’commitment to storytelling through Social Media

According to Editor in Chief Susan Goldberg, National Geographic is “maintaining the founders’ commitment to storytelling” thanks to Social Medias.

Therefore, I personally investigate to get you the number of followers on National Geographic’s accounts (until today):


National Geographic wants to be part of the conversation:  in her article the Editor in chief declares “We do that by creating stories for our magazines and nationalgeographic.com that are timely, memorable, and important. Our recent coverage of the refugee crisis, the gender revolution, and climate change are examples of meeting that objective.”

However to keep up with the widest audience possible isn’t an easy task. Reason why, the magazine focuses so much on Social Media. It has been number one among businesses on social media in the US.  The magazine has been in “competition” with the NFL, the NBA and Victoria’s Secret in the last few years.

National Geographic publishes the most on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and recently Snapchat. The firm adopted a specific approach to every platform. In fact every social media has a customized content in order to satisfy and target every user.

For instance, on snapchat the audience is younger people who seek for dynamic perception of storytelling comparing to the targeted people on Facebook.

On the other hand, Instagram is known for its visual storytelling. It is not a surprise to see that it is one of the best social media that has National Geographic. Nothing but the fact that the same account is handled by all Nat Geo’s photographers, stimulates our curiosity to discover all the adventures and worldwide journeys they suggest.

Instagram is the best example to illustrate the sequel of Nat Geo’s storytelling. Every picture is worthy a documentary: every picture has a story retracing a unique lifestyle.

To conclude, events may have change, so does the era we live in but only one thing hasn’t and it’s the commitment to deliver the best storytelling.



Netflix doubles mobile streaming quality without changing the bandwidth: same quality but reduced bandwidth.

Despite the fact that Netflix is not a mobile manufacturer, the firm was lately very present during the “Mobile World Congress” occurred in Barcelona. The venture had a major announcement to declare:  the company adopted the Codec VP9, a technique already used by YouTube.

For more information about Codec VP9 click the link below


That technique has an important advantage comparing to the classical technology. It allows to reduce the bandwidth used per video. In other terms, Netflix will be able to double its videos’ quality suggested on its mobile application, or the enterprise can offer the same quality to its videos and reduce to half the bandwidth.


During the CES 2016 that took place in the city of Las Vegas, Netflix had announced the lunching of its services due to massive demands in 130 new countries. Today, the enterprise is not far from its target to cover the globe, and is present in 190 countries.




Now that Netflix offers its services to emergent countries -in addition to the developed ones- that count on the 3G connection, to watch their series, the adoption of the Codec VP9 created by Google seems to be a must in order to satisfy the new customer base.

It is true that a huge amount of potential users watch their series on their mobile, however – according to “Todd Yellen” Vice president of product (Netflix) – tow third of them has stick to the old good big screen.

Knowing that habits of consumption change fast, Codec VP9 will be the motive to respond to those changes.

At the end of the day, the only handicap is to have a smartphone that could read this type of videos and be adapted to synchronize with that type of content. Google was precise on that issue.