Social Marketing Strategy Specialist

Ready to take your Social Marketing Strategy to the next level?

Work with your Social Marketing Consultant. Together, we will specify a detail-oriented strategy and pixel-perfect KPIs to attain your relevant and time-lapsing marketing goals and objectives.  

I help artists, photographers and art galleries to build strong and relevant social marketing strategies on all social networks , so they can meet their marketing goals and objectives.

For the past 10 years, I had the opportunity to discover different breathtaking fields, in the most exciting cities in the world. During my journey, I have retained a particular interest in art and marketing, and I tailored my career around these two fields. Throughout the years, I cumulated some experience in Social Media Marketing.  My greatest passion for art and photography and all of my years of experience, put together, gave me an enormous amount of insights, that I cannot wait to share with you.

So, are you ready to join forces with me and make some magic ?

Tailoring Your Social Marketing Strategy

  1. Internal & external audit.
  2. Objectives & goals.
  3. Brand Voice & Persona.
  4. Define the Strategy.
  5. Editorial Committee.
  6. Editorial Calendar.
  7. KPIs.

Coaching Social Media Hacks

  1. You can be part of one-to- one sessions, group sessions, or short online courses.
  2. 12 sessions in one month.
  3. Every month, there’s a new theme.
  4. A document to consolidate the knowledge you received.
  5. More skills & opportunities to come.
  6. Due to the global pandemic, sessions can be face-to-face only if all parties are vaccinated.


” Alain a été très professionnel tout au long de sa mission. Il a su faire preuve de créativité quant aux différentes idées qu’il a pu proposer…”

Stan – General Manager at Lofi Girl

Work Experience & Education

  • MBA in Digital Marketing & Business at EFAP – Paris .
  • Certification of Professional Qualification in Graphic Design at EDAA – Reims.
  • BA in Political Sciences at Université Saint- Joseph (USJ) – Beirut.

More than 2 years of work experience as a Social Media Manager either in social media agencies or in firms in different fields such as, art, high gastronomy, and cinema.