“Short Edition” distributes short stories in public places !

Among all things I read on the internet, I have never seen something cutter and more fun than what you are about to witness. If I use this unformal vocabulary, that’s because I couldn’t possibly describe what “Short Edition” do in any accurate lexicon. I couldn’t describe it well, because they made of a forgotten or less common habit an avant –gardiste event!

Far from our connected social life, “Short Edition” suggest to its readers an unreplaceable experience. Short Edition publishes only short stories and distributes them in public places. Knowing that new generations consume an important amount of information during their days and are attracted by quick and short content, this was one of the motives to Short Edition to proceed in action, as far as short stories are pleasant and are appreciated by the audience. So all of this was behind the success and innovative format of this type of writing and storytelling.

short-edition- story- freelensdoblog-

Due to an interview with French pure player and blog “Presse-Citron”, the Communication and PR manager Caroline de Cuverville declares the following:

It all started with 4 entrepreneurs passionate with literature and technology at Grenoble. Now it is the community publisher of short stories with more than 200 K followers, 6.8K authors and 75K stories online.


The main goal of that platform was to save reading and make it accessible to everyone in a way compatible to our new life style especially with the presence of smartphones. In addition to that, Short Edition aim to highlight not only on short literature format but on new talents thanks to traditional paper or via digital ports such as desktops, laptops or even mobile as long as agglomerated community of readers and writers share comment and publish.

Short Edition has decided to transform the wasted times into reading time by broadcasting free of charge short literature on all broadcasting media. The platform wants to adapt literature to the modern world by combining the short format, the community and the technology. All literary works are unpublished and available online and most importantly need less than 20 minutes to be read.


The platform conceived a distributor with a connected terminal to the website in order to offer short stories of 1 to 5 minutes reading printed on papyrus. Since its success in 2015, millions of fans commented on social media and many articles were written and here’s another one! Till today more than 500k stories has been distributed via 110 terminal either in France or in the US and Australia in train stations, hospitals and malls.

And now thanks to the podcasts technic, Short Edition seeks differentiating the access to reading, and to literature through reading aloud by a professional actor.

With its business model, Short Edition invented the distributor technic in order to valorize the novels created and posted online.  The platform rent their machines to venues which like to intensify the relationship with their clients by giving them short stories to entertain them while waiting.

To conclude, it is true that the concept of free printed media is not new in France, especially in Paris. We have seen direct matin and A nous Paris or even Stylist carried in hands in public transports. What makes Short Edition unique is the idea of storytelling which is a very old habit that goes to the 18th century if you go back in time and check France’s media history. This is exactly what I call traditions with a twist of modern lifestyle.



YouTube: Google confirms, unskippable 30 seconds adds will be scraped by 2018

According to the BBC report, Google will discard unskippable 30 seconds adds that play before your Video, by 2018. However, the skippable 5 seconds format will remain in order to deduct its impact on YouTube Red ( a selling point of which is ad-free).

freelensdotblog-logo-youtuberedGoogle’s spokesperson confirms that the engine is committed to  “provide a better ads experience for users online”. As part of that, Google has decided “to stop  supporting 30 seconds unskippable ads of 2018”.



According to a study done by Accenture in 2016, 80%  of the worldwide targeted audience that  responded to this survey, confirmed that while watching a video on YouTube, It got interrupted by a 30 an add.

Until 2018, users will constantly download add blockers to escape to the massive amount of adds on YouTube .





YouTube: One billion hours of videos consumed per day

YouTube has become an unavoidable platform of the web.  One billion hours of videos viewed by the users is the total consumption per day. It has become a popular platform in deed.

If a single user tries to watch on a nonstop basis the same amount of videos of the total consumption per day executed by the entire users of the globe, it will take him one hundred thousand hours to accomplish this consumption.  This reflects the importance of this website.


One hundred thousand videos watched per day

In fact, YouTube did not focus on the “number of views” to emphasize on its growth but on the “number of hours”. In other terms, these videos have been watch till the end and haven’t been abandoned or click by mistake.

Despite these phenomenal and promising numbers, YouTube has to be careful, now that the competition is increasing and has become much ruder than a couple of years ago.

Many emergent   firms base their strategy on videos, knowing that this type of display is the most promising in terms of sales and engagement toward the community to engage.

On first thoughts, we think of Facebook which is a hug competitor to Google either in terms of video hosting or in terms of advertising incomes. It is YouTube’s direct competitor to threaten to “nibble” the market shares month after month.


Nevertheless, YouTube is still in a great position in the market. In fact, despite all the competition that is around, the firm will concur new “niches” by re-targeting new markets and new type of users especially millennials, reason why YouTube created – for instance- “YouTube Kids”.

To conclude, the competition might be tight but at the end of the day YouTube will always be the reference in terms of online videos.