When it comes to social ads, it isn’t always an easy choice to make.

Making your work recognizable is the best reward you can ask for, but sometimes organic content on social media is not enough to get you the visibility you ask for. Opting for Social Ads as a recourse is the most obvious choice to make, but sometimes it isn’t always as easy as it sounds. It is supper technical, and it involves betting with real money!

What are the most obvious choices to make? How and when are they done? I will tell you all the secrets you need to know in this very article. 

The “How” …

As for every social media strategy, design your main business goal. In addition to that, ask yourself a question, what is the right social media platform to promote your work? The answer is pretty easy: follow your audience. Be where they are and strive for engagement more than likes.

Leverage polls, quizzes, live and share your personal journey as a photographer. Promoting such content can drive your target audience interested in what you offer. Surfing the topical trend your niche is interested in is a quick way to attract your audience. Don’t forget to show some behind-the-scenes, you will make your audience feel involved in the process.

From time to time, share testimonials. It shows that you are a master in what you sell, and the people seem to like it.
Now, let’s shift to when conducting social media ads when it comes to photographers.

The “When” …

Failing them is part of the process. You must test multiple images, texts, formats, and types of ads before successfully succeeding. Once you find what works for your photography business, you can turn on and off the ad as you please depending on the length of your campaign and the budget you have in mind.

Let me break down the choices you might have into five groups:

Increase the visibility of your business.

The purpose of those ads is to build your audience and make you more recognizable. Increasing your visibility requires sharing a piece of content dedicated to your target audience; meaning the audience that might be intimately interested in what you do. In other terms, people who might become your number-one fans.  

Keep in mind that your content must stop them from scrolling. It must be entertaining and informative. Things must go beyond them knowing you or your work. Make them feel your goodwill after they consumed your content. Goodwill ads are cheaper and more effective than good old lead ads.

Lead magnets ads to grow your email list.

It comes in simple forms: quizzes, giveaways, downloading guides, white papers, or even templates. Send these over to people you don’t necessarily know, or to people who have had an interaction with you on social media but didn’t visit your website or joined your email list.

Once your new audience is hooked by your content, send a sequel of emails to guide them to know you better and maybe require your services one day, knowing that emails remain the most lucrative marketing tool.

Value proposition ads.

Telling people what you do in one ad and convincing them to collaborate with you is not an easy task to do. If you want to win these types of ads, focus on the benefits of working with you.

Your services must sound life-changing and extremely desirable to push your audience to click and learn more about what you offer. If I have two quick hacks to provide you with, know really well your target audience and mostly their needs.  And, the person who clicks on your link, must find quick and useful information. He or she must feel that you are available for him or her, and that’s what makes a good user experience, thus a reputation of gold.  

Special offer ads.

These kinds of ads do not necessarily need to be about pricing only. They can convey your value proposition too. It will help you maximize your loyalty to your target audience and vice versa.

Social proof ads.

Work around your target audience’s concerns thanks to these ads. Retarget people who visited your website and churned. Push them to contact you thanks to the social proof ads with your strong call to action message.

Now that you are fully equipped, it’s time to rock on!! If you feel that you need to go more in-depth with your social media ads, don’t hesitate to hit me up with your questions. I can’t wait for your comments. Let’s stay tuned!  

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