After announcing the new services at the annual F8 conference last May, “Dating” is publicly tested in Colombia and it will be available in next locations in the upcoming months. Facebook’s new online dating product seems to be promising according to Adult users (18+) can now create a dating profile and seek a long-term relationship rather than just a hookup.

1- The good, the bad…

Facebook enters the run after a while but the social network’s promise to conquer the sector. So many advantages appear to be convincing. While all the other applications are mobile-only, Facebook doesn’t require any extra downloaded app. In addition, most people already own an account on Facebook.

Whilst generation Z and millennials are using less the social media, is dating going to convince them to go back to their old habits, and by then, make Facebook rein the game?

Regardless of this countercurrent strategy, Facebook contradicts himself by announcing that “dating” users must create separated accounts to enjoy the service. The only information provided from previous accounts is the first names and the ages. Any other additional information regarding tastes, genders, ethyne, jobs, schools you’ve been to, must be provided to create the account, assures

2- How does it work?

The number of photos users can post is limited and the ice-breaker questions are provided by Facebook. According to Nathan Sharp, Facebook “it’s all about optin-in and making sure people are really intentional…We’re trying to connect people that are open to getting to know each other in the future.”

Facebook will use its algorithm based on mutual friends and common interest to match potential users with the appropriate person. One thing is for sure, they won’t see their Facebook friends nor people they’ve blocked. Reports and blocks are also available.

People you find on “Dating” aren’t far from where you live and work; they’re less than 100 Km from you. Nothing new, you can choose with whom you would like to match!

No swiping left and right, if the user is not interested, he must type “not interested”! The conversation doesn’t start with a simple hello, the participant must answer to one of the nine questions that his or her interest has asked!

Some features need to be unlocked manually. For example, you can meet people from events you’ve been to or even Facebook groups you follow.


3- How is “Dating” any different from any other dating app?

It is thanks to such features, that “dating” can stand out from the competitive atmosphere. While other dating applications have relied on facebooks’ data for years thanks to the Facebook connect, now the social network can use it for its own benefits.

To conclude, at the end of the day, if Facebook is seeking a full success, “Dating” should be entertaining and secure. And now that you heard all about it what do you think of it? What are your opinions about dating apps in a general scope? Tell us more about what you think!


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