According to the last CES Summits (Consumer Electronics Show) that took place in Las Vegas, the digital world is witnessing the rise of three important phenomena: VR, AI, and chatbots. To accompany the changes occurring to the digital sphere, Malaysia Airlines continues to grow through their digital journey.

To escort the changes that took place, the Compagnie has launched a chatbot – MHchat- to ease the client experience. The new features are made to help travelers purchase their tickets online, book their seats and pay thanks to Facebook Messenger.

Customers can look up for flights and ask questions related to booking information via Facebook Messenger. The chatbot will give answers and suggest offers thanks to its Artificial Intelligence. Bottom line, travelers can commit transactions, pay and get all the information about their itinerary, all in one application.

Conceived to imitate human conversations, MHchat behaves like a true companion, who can comprehend the travelers’ needs. The outcome is a smarter and easier user experience, accessible at any moment.


The Chatbot is customized to deliver better customer satisfaction (easy, available, fast and cost-saver) and better Return on Investment for the enterprise.

Chatbots remain debatable. They fasten the consumption of information and provide quick answers. They automate solutions and revolutionized retail and customer success, and yet, they don’t convince unanimously all marketers.

Likewise, Eva Dimitrova -a chatbot Consultant- many marketers believe the intelligence behind chatbot is still limited and cannot be compared to human intelligence.

Through an interview to, she says “I believe people need to have the right expectations. Chatbots don’t have human level intelligence yet. But they are very good at automating simple tasks and personalizing the experience for the user.”

With this Christal clear definition, I would like to know your opinions about chatbots. Do you trust them? Do you use them? As consumers, do you find them intrusive? As marketers, do you like automated solutions? Share your thoughts with us and let us know what you think! Let the debate begin!!


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