You must be wondering how do influencers, attend an event, take several pictures of themselves, edit and post them on social media in no time! Well believe it or not there are applications for this magic! Here are 5 mobile applications you must know about.

  1. VSCO

In case you did not hear about it yet, VSCO is a well-known mobile application for photo editing purposes. It has a wide range of interesting filters. A free trial is provided once you download the app, and it is accompanied by free filters. However, several preset packages are also available if you choose to upgrade your editing skills.

In addition to textures and frames, the basic tools – such as crop rotation and exposure- are also in range.

VSCO is not only an editing tool, but it is also a social network too. It is a platform where you can share all your work and interest in photography with passionate fellows like you.

2. Afterlight

Afterlight is no different from any editing app. It has all the basic features and filters you can imagine, but what is special about it, is the fact that you can come up with your own filters in your iPhone. Just with that option, you can be sure that your photos are artistically unique and very attractive.


3. Adobe photoshop express

This is photoshop in your pocket. Use it as if you’re using your desktop version and add to it the right looks from 45 effects and collages that you can choose from the many auto-suggested or compose them by yourself.

A winging and convincing point of this application is that you can transfer your picture to Adobe Photoshop CC on your laptop with all the saved changes you made. The results are very satisfying and professional.

4. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Same, this is Lightroom in your pocket. All the desktop features are available in the application. Use the capture mode and be sure no matter how you move while you shoot, no blurry images guaranteed. With the High Dynamic Range option, you can automatically expand luminosity. Once the photo is taken, you can have access to your work on all devices. For more professional results, you can upgrade Lightroom and get premium features, connect raw images from your camera to your phone and share your photos online.

5. Snapseed

You have the choice between 29 tools to come up with the most magnificent photo you can imagine. You can tune your image, change perspective, expand and curves. Regardless of the huge palette of filters, you can remove things and people (not in a mean way) thanks to healing tools. If you’re a selfie lover, Snapseed will recognize your face, change angles and make your smile bigger -literally- if you want.


So, to all the photography lovers, now you know!! I can’t wait to read your feedbacks and comments.

source:  http://adventurecatcher.com/5-best-apps-to-edit-your-photos/ 





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