Now that fall season is around, you must be feeling blue and missing all those summer days when the sun was all you see! Instead of flipping through your summer photos, here are some interesting movies that you should know about and might be helpful for your next meeting with your manager or your clients. All of them are related to social media /digital marketing and might inspire you for your next campaign.

1.       The Social Network

This movie is a classic that every digital marketer must watch. Regardless of the accuracy of its events and all the debates that might come around, this film remain as a reference to the debuts of Facebook. If you would like to know more about it, you can watch the trailer.

2. The square

If we chose this movie, it is for only one important reason. We want it to prove how strong can social media be, and how colossal can be their impact on societies, in a general scope.  If you haven’t heard about this movie or didn’t get the chance to watch it, it is the time. This film describes the Egyptian protestations during the latest “battles” that occurred during political regime changes. It is the story of two young men who are struggling to fight two regimes to establish a democratic system.

      3. The internes

On a lighter note, this movie stared by Vincent Vaughn and Owen Wilson, is very representative to whom might be feeling overwhelmed by digital marketing with the rise of social media. To prove that they can adapt to the online world, they chose to accept an internship at Googles’.  Many hilarious situations will happen to our stars throughout the movie. We won’t say more to keep the suspense, but we will leave you with this trailer.

4. Silicon Valley

If you want to have a good laugh, make sure to watch this HBO series. You can watch for self-critic purposes too, in case you are doubting your social media skills. The series follows a group of clumsy engineers who share a working space where their start-ups are incubated, in the Bay region. It all happens when the main character invents a strong search engine algorithm and finds himself in the middle of a fight between a broke capitalist and mad CTO.

       5.  The intern

It is the story of Ben Whittaker, a retired widow, who is convinced that retirement is not made for him. Once he got the chance, he applied for a Senior internship ad in a clothing e-commerce, managed by a dynamic but unexperimented young woman. After his acceptance, he was really appreciated by his young and relaxed tech colleagues. Ben was an attractive man by his charisma, his kindness, and his precious pieces of advice. He became like a father to the young manager, regardless of the respect they had to each other, he helped her to gain back her strength and her confidence.

So, wherever you are this weekend, either you’re stuck in traffic or you’re eating your pizza on your sofa on your own, you got plenty of movies to discover. If you haven’t seen them yet, take a moment to watch them and don’t hesitate to share your opinions with all of us.

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