You name it and I’ll tell you it has an application.

Now that mobile apps are taking by storm every single field, let us discuss how they disrupted business traveling and introduced leisure to the business journeys.

With the rise of millennials, working methods and conception of seeing things have changed. Nowadays, this generation focuses on a certain lifestyle it would love to adopt. Its only wish is to achieve as much as it can in its careers and as early as possible.


To accompany this era, businesses have adapted their management skills to this revolutionary way of thinking.  Many are the socio-economic reasons that lead to this change.

Different factors are driving this trend. On one hand, some people extend their business travels to decrease the cost of taking a vacation. Thus, they optimize their time and get the most out of their voyages. Others benefit from the flexible policy that might be offered by their firms. Therefore, many companies regulated a policy concerning bleisure, to be more acceptable.

On the other, the world has become mobile-oriented and the easy consumption has been fastened. And of course, the highest percentages of adaptability to this trend goes to millennials. Thanks to the easy accessibility (ATAWAD – Any Time Anywhere Any Device), they are changing business travel.

In addition to travel -friendly rentals (such as Airb&b), young people refer to customized experiences and activities led by local hosts. They believe it is good to be abroad and feel like it’s home.

Nothing can describe the situation better than Jeff Kim’s words (account manager for marketing and alliances at Asiana Airlines) to Adobe blog: “It permits them to find their own balance between work fulfillment and personal education and it’s travel they can enjoy guilt-free”.

As well as that, bleisure not only increased personal and professional fulfillment to millennial force work but helped enterprises make the combination of corporate and personal travel more seamless.


After this short analysis, I must introduce you to some applications that might be useful during your displacements.

1. PackPoint

In case of a last-minute travel, stress is at its highest point. This application keeps everything under your control. It will make sure you have everything you need for your trip. Its algorithm suggests all kind of equipment for all type of situations and activities.

You should use this application if you are a frequent traveler, or you are on uncertain schedules that may change from a minute to another. It is designed for people who live in a rush.

2. CityMapper

As you can tell, its name gives a hint to its services! CityMapper knows how to get you to where you need to be in the fastest ways. Thanks to its public transport timetables and maps, users can avoid crowdy stations and enjoy a smooth ride around the town.

What is great about this application is that you can use it on a global basis, especially in Europe (in London mainly), Asia and North America.

3. GetYourGuide

If you appreciate visiting popular attractions during your business travel, this application is made for you! You can book your tickets and save your time and money. With its vast panel of choices and tastes, you can benefit from its very interesting discounts. No need to be worried about the payment because it is secured, plus, you are far from risking a bad experience during any eventual visit, thanks to reviews provided by fellow travelers.

This is a very helpful application to whom like to be entertained in a foreign city or would like to have some quality time with a foreign colleague or client.

4. ClassPass

If you get jetlagged very often when you travel, you need to strengthen your body. However, it isn’t easy when you are on tight schedules and abroad.

ClassPass gives you the access to work out in local gyms and studios when you are far from home. All kinds of sporting activities are available worldwide. More specifically, you can find yoga, boxing, cycling and strength activities. If you are a fitness-committed traveler, then this application is made for you.

5. CTM Mobile

Finally, you have found your traveling companion. Book, manage and organize your business travel as simply and intuitively as possible. CTM Mobile provides your itinerary information and keeps you updated thanks to its features, alerts, and notifications. It gives you advice and organizes your trip.


From my perspective, bleisure is an opportunity to make work more liberal and fun. With the end of “team buildings’ pyramidal hierarchy”, the contraction of business and leisure gave more proximity between coworkers and their managers. With the rise of startups and internet facilities, bleisure seems to be fitting in the new panorama that the world is drawing.

Using apps to book a flight, or to live like a local in a foreign destination, breaks the glass between civilizations and gives huge facilities to travelers around the world. People can meet without the sentiment of being disoriented.

Bleisure can reduce the stress level once on assignment. With the idea of leisure, business has become efficient more fun and is no longer heavy to achieve.

To conclude, the 21st century is marked by the easy access to communication, thus the consumption of information has become affordable to all of us thanks to the social media, especially with influencers and bloggers. In other terms, nowadays, people don’t suffer anymore more from the absence of facilities nor from lacking ideas to gain their lives and or to enjoy their selves. Bleisure is then very coherent with the extremely connected ecosystem we live in. I leave you to your thoughts and comments and can’t wait to hear from you !!




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