5 applications to cure mental health.



Latest statistics show the intensive need for mental health care around the world. Life can be not easy for all of us. Furthermore, mental health disorder has a negative impact on your health in general. The risk of facing chronic medical conditions is higher and put your life in danger.

So, if you’re looking for some answers or even you are willing to free your mind, and you don’t feel like visiting a psychiatrist, or simply you feel like healing on your own, you can, thanks to these 5 applications that internet is going gaga all about.

1. Calm

Inhale, exhale, release all the anxiety of yours!! Now close your eyes, go to sleep and when you’ll wake up, you will be a happy man. This is exactly the goal of this application. It focuses on four essential keys: meditation, breathing, sleep, and relaxation. The more you practice, the more you will feel joy, clarity, and peace through your everyday life.

As features, users got breathing programs and sounds from nature to perform a better breathing. Calm is very flexible in matters of use. It delivers programs from 3 to 25 minutes, all depending on your needs.

This application is highly recommended to all the people living in a city with a lot of traffic and an exhausting lifestyle! It is available on iTunes and ready to be downloaded.

2. Headspace

Don’t we all think of a happy place? We do!! We imagine it, we create it and live in its bubble!! What if it was the real world! Headspace will help you freeze time and space and build your inner strength thanks to its essential tools.

What a relief! Now that you can maintain stronger and better relationships, you are capable to enhance compassion towards others, to master your own place of calm and reduce stress.  More than that, according to Headspace, meditation reduces stress level and increase attention during working hours.

So, hurry up people, we are waiting for the better version of you! Go download the app, it is available on both Android and iTunes.

3. Moodnotes

Back in the 90s, boys and girls had their dairies, where all intimate secrets were told, but no one can hear about them! Moodnotes is not far from this principle. It is a mood diary. It functions on positive psychology. It provides a great importance to self-awareness and drag attention to what surrounds the user and influence him. Thanks to the multiple suggestions provided by the application, the user can escape to unpleasant situations and come up with the right positive solution. If this application interest you, you can find it on iPhone for only 3.99$.



4. SuperBetter

If you like mobile games, you would fall in love with this application for sure. Not only it increases the ability to remain strong and optimistic, but it motivates you when you face any obstacles. According to “Medical News Today”, a study by the University of Pennsylvania proved that after playing for 30 days with SuperBetter, people who tried the app got significant improvements in achieving their goals. In fact, the application has the potential to change peoples’ habits, when it comes to strengthening their relationships or achieving lifelong dreams. You can find it on iPhone if you want.

5. Talkspace

This is counseling 2.0. With a very convenient method, this application connects the user with a confidential approach to deal with his anxiety, stress and chronic illness. Based on several factors, the algorithm will put you in touch with a matching agent that is appropriate to your situation. A free consultation is provided by then. All agents are therapists who are specialized in anxiety, phobia, domestic violence, depression and much more.

To access the chat room, you need to become a member. Only then, you can discuss your issues safely and in private with your counselor. More than that, the pricing is 80% less than a normal consultation, a reason to be more tempted to try the application (available on iPhone and Android).



On a personal, I think all these apps are great to progress but cannot substitute an appropriate mental care with the lead of a psychiatrist. I think it’s really challenging to maintain a healthy thinking through a mobile application. It needs a lot of courage!

I believe it is a great exercise among others because, by nature, human beings are social, and anomalies such as depression and anxiety don’t get fixed overnight by any applications, not because they’re not efficient but simply because It is not enough to heal problems like that. Illnesses, as mentioned before, are the result of many issues that occurred among the years and need to be spoken.

So, to conclude, I encourage you to use those apps to lower the pressure you’re living in but do not substitute your visit to a specialist by these quick solutions. At the end of the day, what happened to you happened to many, true, but they didn’t necessarily react to it the same way you did.

Today it is important to raise awareness and to be here next to each other’s. This is strictly my opinion! what do you think? Share your voice! I am looking forward for your numerous responses.

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