the best luxury traveling apps

Either you decided to extend your summer vacation, or you haven’t taken any yet, I thought to share some of the finest luxury travel apps with you.

Regardless of how you define an ideal vacation, all you need is to spend the time of your lives with the people you love the most. Therefore, a little treat is always the answer. However, few requirements are common must-haves. When at your holidays’ location, all you’re asking for is to avoid all kinds of fuss, queues, or any type of stress. All you want is to witness some quality services with a lot of champagne!!

These apps will respond to your desires and make your commands a dream come true. All I’m saying, you got to try them out to guarantee a successful holiday.

What’s behind these apps? Simply the best experiences ever! 

      1.       Pana

Either your hesitation level is beyond the norms, or you’re just too picky or simply “what the hell is going on with the world tastes these days !!” Pana is here to help you choose the ideal location for your next getaway. The app suggests customized and convenient experiences to travelers and businesses thanks to its professional team. As well, it doubles as an operating tour and can function as a concierge.

As far as I recall, by now, you should be jumping silently in your seats during your last meeting after a very long and tiring day, because you’re simply impatient to try it out!  If I got it all right (and I Know I did), all you need to do is to go to iTunes, download the app, fill in your information and get your 7 days trial period. If you got addicted to it, then It will cost you 99 $ per month.


      2.   Symphony

Barcelona travel guide “Symphony” is following the trend of swiping left and right. If it feels right, then what the heck, swipe it right, and on the contrary, if you had a deceiving experience in a restaurant or any other place, then tells us more about it by swiping down. This is how you are introduced to the app. Once you mastered the basics, Symphony proposes a large panel of categories such as fine dining, molecular gastronomy, and spas. The interface is user-friendly. Suggestions are made according to your preferences, but first, you need to save them in your favorites so when you get to the city of Gaudi, you can use them.

And finally, if the only two Spanish words you know are “Hola and Gracias”, get “Ludwig” the voice assistant to book for you.

If your heart is pumping fast and you feel like you already packed (you just need to get into the plane), take your iPhone and make sure to download the app.

Fun fact: the app is looking forward to extending the “escapades’” destinations.

      3.       LoungeBuddy

Sometimes, we can get overwhelmed when it comes to traveling. Dealing with passport control or even crowd surfing the duty-free to get to your gate, are unneeded sources of stress. To avoid all these kinds of exhaustion, LoungeBuddy offers you a simple solution. It makes sure what lounges are available to you, inputs your flight class, verify if any of your memberships is synched with the service, or simply you can enter your credit card number to see what is available to you at this location.

And the best news is, that you can reach to these services in 800 airports.

I know, enough with the sexy words, you need to go to iTunes to download it.


      4.       Louis Vuitton City Guide  

       Alert to all trend lovers. LV City Guide is THE application to download. If you’re obsessed with luxury hotels, restaurants, and high-street fashion, jump to your phones and get this app. All you need to know is, that LV City Guide offers you more than 15 000 addresses in 29 countries. As well some of the city guides are free, however, some others cost 10$.  If I were you, I’d go amaze my eye!!

     5.       Luxury Retreats 

      If you feel like relaxing in a villa but you have no idea where to find it or how to entertain yourself and your friends during your journey, get this app downloaded. Not only you can book the villa, but you can discover the various activities you can do nearby. What’s cool about that application is that you can contact the villa’s owners thanks to it, plus you got 100 destinations all set, waiting for you to pick one.

      6.       Velocity Black

  Among all, this application will leave you jaw dropped of excitement! Thanks to this app, you will receive an exclusive experience! Only inner circle got to savor the first-class dining and the pop-up events suggestions, in one of the 60 cities provided by the app. Users are invited to enjoy curated and tailored experiences through the app. Velocity Black noted 1200 memberships including celebrities such as Vanessa Hugeness, Joe Jonas, Gigi Hadid and more.

To be part of the squad, you need to submit a request via the website. After a few questions during an interview with an agent, your membership is valid for one year (if only you passed the interview), but first prepare a sum of 2400$. Then for activation purposes, make sure to have 900$ as tuition fees. If you successfully passed all the required steps, only then, you will be provided a download link.

      7.       JetSmart

If flying commercial is to has been for you, or simply for some logistic reasons commercial flights are not offered to the destination you’re visiting, or you just feel more comfortable to travel in a private engine, go JetSmart. You can check prices of private flights, find your seats and hop in the next flight. The services are provided for helicopters too. Finally, what is important to mention is that it is very easy to use.

      8.       GetMyBoat

 At last, you got to see the sea! Fresh air and you’re sailing! Yes, this is the life, I know, I know. Now, how to find the appropriate boat for your requirements? My advice to you is to download GetMyBoat and get over your jet lag thanks to the concierge services form where you live till your paradisiac destination. Plan your activities over 171 countries and cruise all around the world.

Now, that you are inspired more than ever, go try these magnificent apps and share with us what you think. If by any chance, you had the opportunity to experience one of those treats, write your experience and hit comment. I can’t wait to hear from all of you guys. Keep the community posted and UpToDate.


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