Practical Technic to capture a video on an Android device.

You must have wasted so much time and memory space on your device by trying applications in order to capture a video. In fact, I must have the solution to your issue! Indeed, there is no secret recipe, the tool is in your hands and is very easy to use, but you’ve never noticed it before!

It is already pre-installed on your smartphones and if not, you can download it from your play store. You can’t wait to discover that app? Well before I stop teasing you, you must know that it’s a Google app. Did you recognize it? In case you did not, it’s Google Play Games!! Although the application is designed for gamers , it can capture videos outside the games.

Here are few easy steps to capture a video on an android device.

Step 1: start the application “Google Play Games”

Step 2: Choose a game that is already installed on your android device.

Step 3: An information page will appear, as well as a recording icon at the header of the page. Click on it.

Step 4: Choose a format.

Step 5: Start the game. This will make appear a tooltip video.

Step 6: Exist the game and go to the application where you’d like to capture the video.

Step 7: when all is set, you can click on the recording icon and tooltip in order to capture the video.


Now that you got this Technic in hand, try it and tell us if you recommend it or not. Your experience count the most. Until then, stay tuned for more article, tips and news.


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