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What if master pieces can come to life…

Many of us reproach to master pieces that they’re not enough realistic or a bit has been. Well what seemed to be a source of frustration to some of us is now no reason to be unsatisfied while looking at these master pieces. Scientists at UC Berkeley has defeated that challenge thanks to a new innovative application that transforms painting into photos.

UC Berkeley’s new application transforming paintings into pictures

Now that Prisma took the challenge to transform picture into paintings, it is time to inverse the situation.  UC Berkeley researchers applied the process “image-to-image translation” which reconvert paintings into pictures, among other things.


This same process were also used to alter season for the same picture, or even swap different objects in the photos. You can also apply painter’s styles to your image.

To conclude, no application is out yet, however, it is still a prototype.   High expectations are put on that emerging application, especially people who work in the photo processing field.



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