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YouTube: Google confirms, unskippable 30 seconds adds will be scraped by 2018

According to the BBC report, Google will discard unskippable 30 seconds adds that play before your Video, by 2018. However, the skippable 5 seconds format will remain in order to deduct its impact on YouTube Red ( a selling point of which is ad-free).

freelensdotblog-logo-youtuberedGoogle’s spokesperson confirms that the engine is committed to  “provide a better ads experience for users online”. As part of that, Google has decided “to stop  supporting 30 seconds unskippable ads of 2018”.



According to a study done by Accenture in 2016, 80%  of the worldwide targeted audience that  responded to this survey, confirmed that while watching a video on YouTube, It got interrupted by a 30 an add.

Until 2018, users will constantly download add blockers to escape to the massive amount of adds on YouTube .





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