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NatGeo maintains the founders’commitment to storytelling through Social Media

According to Editor in Chief Susan Goldberg, National Geographic is “maintaining the founders’ commitment to storytelling” thanks to Social Medias.

Therefore, I personally investigate to get you the number of followers on National Geographic’s accounts (until today):


National Geographic wants to be part of the conversation:  in her article the Editor in chief declares “We do that by creating stories for our magazines and nationalgeographic.com that are timely, memorable, and important. Our recent coverage of the refugee crisis, the gender revolution, and climate change are examples of meeting that objective.”

However to keep up with the widest audience possible isn’t an easy task. Reason why, the magazine focuses so much on Social Media. It has been number one among businesses on social media in the US.  The magazine has been in “competition” with the NFL, the NBA and Victoria’s Secret in the last few years.

National Geographic publishes the most on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and recently Snapchat. The firm adopted a specific approach to every platform. In fact every social media has a customized content in order to satisfy and target every user.

For instance, on snapchat the audience is younger people who seek for dynamic perception of storytelling comparing to the targeted people on Facebook.

On the other hand, Instagram is known for its visual storytelling. It is not a surprise to see that it is one of the best social media that has National Geographic. Nothing but the fact that the same account is handled by all Nat Geo’s photographers, stimulates our curiosity to discover all the adventures and worldwide journeys they suggest.

Instagram is the best example to illustrate the sequel of Nat Geo’s storytelling. Every picture is worthy a documentary: every picture has a story retracing a unique lifestyle.

To conclude, events may have change, so does the era we live in but only one thing hasn’t and it’s the commitment to deliver the best storytelling.



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