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Netflix doubles mobile streaming quality without changing the bandwidth: same quality but reduced bandwidth.

Despite the fact that Netflix is not a mobile manufacturer, the firm was lately very present during the “Mobile World Congress” occurred in Barcelona. The venture had a major announcement to declare:  the company adopted the Codec VP9, a technique already used by YouTube.

For more information about Codec VP9 click the link below


That technique has an important advantage comparing to the classical technology. It allows to reduce the bandwidth used per video. In other terms, Netflix will be able to double its videos’ quality suggested on its mobile application, or the enterprise can offer the same quality to its videos and reduce to half the bandwidth.


During the CES 2016 that took place in the city of Las Vegas, Netflix had announced the lunching of its services due to massive demands in 130 new countries. Today, the enterprise is not far from its target to cover the globe, and is present in 190 countries.




Now that Netflix offers its services to emergent countries -in addition to the developed ones- that count on the 3G connection, to watch their series, the adoption of the Codec VP9 created by Google seems to be a must in order to satisfy the new customer base.

It is true that a huge amount of potential users watch their series on their mobile, however – according to “Todd Yellen” Vice president of product (Netflix) – tow third of them has stick to the old good big screen.

Knowing that habits of consumption change fast, Codec VP9 will be the motive to respond to those changes.

At the end of the day, the only handicap is to have a smartphone that could read this type of videos and be adapted to synchronize with that type of content. Google was precise on that issue.


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