Self Made photographer

Hi and welcome to my sacred palace. This is where I craft your photographs to tell your story…

Hi, there! My name is Alain Tannous. I am a french-Lebanese photographer. I am based in Paris, and I am ready to travel for business. Among many photographic genres, I enjoy making landscapes, commercial, street, and lifestyle photography. When I am on-site, I like to capture the best assets in everything that surrounds me. Passionate, I see in every project I work on an opportunity to grow and to enhance the magical moment I witnessed. I describe my work as minimalist, romantic, and slightly picturesque with a strong emphasis on storytelling.

I love life. I love people. I love new adventures and new projects. And I love photography. Also, I love to provide value. Growing up, I didn’t get to study photography. I come from Political Sciences and Digital Marketing. But my heart and my soul couldn’t but think about photography. My passion for it is beyond description.

My journey as a freelancer has begun in 2020, as a social media marketer. Since then, I felt that social media -despite the great qualities it has- is sending the wrong messages and can be overwhelming.

That’s why I felt the urge to connect with something real and pure; my ultimate passion – photography. It has been my best friend for so long. It has been there for me everywhere I go, mentally and physically.

And now, it’s my time to be there for you with all the talent I have, and all the knowledge I self-taught myself. Great things are about to happen…

Will you hop in and join me on my photographic journey?