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Why Social Media Marketing ?

You know photography very well! You are extremely good at it! Your talent is all over your place! You want to go big! You heard social media is magical! You loved it! You want to concur it, but you’re not quite there!

You want to be recognized! You want to be independent! You want new business opportunities! You want to see your social properties flourish! You want better results!  It’s time… You need a social Media Marketing Strategist as your ear bug on your day-to-day work set!

Hurry! Bring it home! I will gladly work my magic and solve the mystery behind your secret!

As your consultant, I will help you overcome your obstacles, thanks to my expertise in the latest social media marketing updates and my passion for photography. Your creative journey is sacred to my eyes. Together, we will conduct the most relevant and cohesive strategies, respectfully to your wishes. Your strategy will target ONE goal, with related metrics. Campaigns are short and limited in time. Get yours now!

Your Customized Social Media Marketing Strategies …

Strategies are cutomized based on your needs. Prices follow… Send your project and ask for your quotation !

Most requested marketing objectives

These are the most marketing objectives on demand, among others. Take a tour for a better understanding …

Brand Awareness

I will drive attention to your profile and increase your SMO (Social Media Optimization).

Building a Community

I will help you reach your target audience and followers more easily.

Copywriting and graphic design asset

I will put in your hands premium quality copies and assets to persuade more customers to collaborate with you. 

Social Advertising

I will help you push and sponsor your posts to the right audience.


Web Traffic

I will drive more traffic to your website, portfolio, merch, etc.

Social Selling

I will conduct a plan to help you sell more thanks to social media.

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Why learning something new ?

Every morning you wake and look at your mirror. You ask yourself, is it the best version of me? Am I doing enough to get where I’m going to?

Every day, you go to work to do something good. To do something better! Every day, you’re in constant contact with sounds, shapes, colors, things, and people. Every day, you are eager to learn more!

If that’s you, if you can find yourself in my words, then welcome to my coaching sessions!

Here you will learn about social media and marketing. You will learn to love yourself first. You will learn to love what you do and how it impacts the people who see your work. You will learn to grow, on social media and IRL. We will all grow together! Don’t wait up for the next adventure!

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Your Coaching Packs

  • 12 sessions per month.
  • One hour three times a week.
  • 3 group members maximum.
  • Or individual sessions.
  • Each month a theme .
  • On targeted Solution or insight by the end of the course.  
  • Interactive and collaborative course.
  • Documents will be supplied by the end of each course (handout, worksheets, case studies, etc.).

Different Coaching Options for your needs

Coaching details

I am using a Professional and modern teaching approach:  

Week 1: I’ll send you documents before the course to prepare, read, and comprehend. During our session, you will pitch what you understood and prepared, then I will explain the material.

Week 2: Now, you are more familiar with the material. Together, we will discuss, explain and practice more with exercises.

Week 3: We will have a case study to comprehend better the material.

Week 4: You will apply the course to your case, and by the end of the course, I will help you fine-tune what you started if needed.

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